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Absence of you

I’ve been trying to find the path,
searching behind every corner. But
I never knew…
I’ve been crying with the
sorrow of the clouds,
sitting by the sea,
letting it to be
my guide while the wind
whispered just loneliness to me.

I’ve been looking for some sun
and I found it in your eyes .
I fell into them and they are so deep…
that I think that I got lost again… in you.

I’ve been walking for an eternity…
where the hell is my place?
Now I think
I quite know it.

Tomorrow I’ll dawn with the hope of you,
later I’ll wander around my mind
trying to escape from your absence.
Just trying it.

The night will come and
I’ll surrender.
I’ll die again without you.
Then I will dream about you,
as I always do,
feeling that there’s so much of you
in me that I can hardly breath.

Cologne, April 20th 2002

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